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Toys, Dolls & Doll Clothes

From stuffed animals to dress up doll fashions, you will find we have a very good selection of title choices for crocheters of different skill levels.  There is no comparison between pieces of molded plastic, imported from “who knows where” to a doll or animal hand crocheted by someone who cares for you.  We find that the best gift a child can receive is something that a loved one made for them.  The quality of hand crocheted items is well beyond what you buy in the toy store and the imagination that a crocheted animal or doll clothes can bring to a child is well beyond an engineered toy that does everything for our children and makes them spectators, no longer involved in make believe play with their favorite monkey, cow, or teddy bear.  On a budget?  There is no comparison between a toy from a retail shop and a skein of yarn, bit of stuffing, a crochet hook, and your eager hands.


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