About Us

The Frugal Knitting Haus was founded in July of 1989. It began around the innovative patterns of our founder, designing quick and simple patterns using up leftover scraps of yarn. Since her start, hundreds of knitting patterns have been designed and are available through the thirty nine different books that are published by the Frugal Knitting Haus. The patterns are all different, but the design concept through  the years hasn’t changed. The name “frugal” is right on target, given our patterns that use the leftover scraps of yarn, bits and pieces of a skein or less that would otherwise not find a purpose. Whether it is a holiday decoration, a baby blanket or adult afghan, sweaters, bazaar items, toys, hats, slippers, gifts, or just plain useful items for use around the house, you will find  it all here. We’ve put a large number of patterns on our site, to get you started with the “frugal” knitting concept that  will surely clean those odds and ends of yarn out of the bottom of your knitting basket.

For an early description of our business, you can see the text of an article written about us in “The Record”, Stockton CA, in 1995. It provides a fuller history of how the “Haus” got started.

Over the years, as more patterns were designed and books were published, our customers started asking where other patterns and knitting accessories could be found. In response, we started carrying a wide variety of pattern books booklets for our knitting and crochet friends.That inventory has grown to hundreds of pattern books and a complete selection of knitting needles, crochet hooks, and needlework accessories.

Starting out as a mail order firm, our merchandising expanded to the internet  in 1995. From our humble beginnings, we have evolved to the site you are visiting today. Our business continues to grow, as more knitters and crocheters find us on the Web. We have a reputation for our friendly customer service, low prices, very large selection, and fast fulfillment of our orders.

With your help in supporting us, we’ll be around for many more years to come, providing you with a great source for your knitting and crochet patterns and supplies.