Ballerina Gift Jar Covers



What a pretty way to give a gift for a girl or lady of any age? Girls of all ages will love getting this pretty jar cover, and it is 2 gifts in one! The jar cover covers a quart jar, and you can place a gift inside like cosmetic’s, jewelry, candy or treats, small tubes of lotions, small-scented soaps, even small knitting stitch holders and other knit, crochet or sewing items. This is the gift that can be used all year long, placed in their bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or their favorite area in their home to remember you all year long! A good storage container for little “secret”
items that they treasure! So cute in any girl’s room or on a desk! Use worsted weight yarn, and new ” Red Heart Sparkle” Scrubby yarn, knitting needles, US # 8.


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