Catch A Falling Star Holiday Scarf



Did you ever just stare up into the sky on a cold winter’s night and 
look at the bright shiny stars? Ever see a falling star?  Here is your chance to re-create a “falling star” feeling with this new scarf pattern. The small easy to knit stars dangle from the ends of the scarf, as if they just fell from the sky and landed on the scarf! You can knit in the star graph too, for extra cuteness, or leave it entirely plain.  Such a fun scarf to knit, and a good novelty scarf, everyone will ask where you got the pattern!  A different twist on a scarf, with the stars falling on edges of scarf!  Get ready to make more than one, as teens, kids and older people alike will want one!

Use any color for back ground color, and gold or yellow for stars.  Stars are easy 2 needle knit, no double points!  Use worsted weight yarns, a size 4 yarns, and knitting needles US # 7 and # 9. The scarf in photo is 34 inches long, but you can certainly make longer throughout the center part.


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