Color Me Christmas Scarf



Now here is a great colorful scarf to wear during the Holiday season!  All the young folks will definitely want one.  You can use other colors if you wish, in this easy to knit textured stitch pattern scarf!  This style also has fringe’s all the way around for “cuteness” and for extra warmth!  Everyone will want one, especially the ones that spend a lot of time outdoors.  Use your own imagination in color schemes, like shades of blue, would be beautiful in this! Good thing about this scarf, it will help you use up all those scrap yarns and leftover yarns you have been saving through the year!  

This pattern uses worsted weight  yarns, a size 4 yarn, and knitting needles, US #9.  Finished size is about 44 inches long. This is a very fun scarf pattern to work on!


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