“Franken-Monster” Bite Me Scarf


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Kids love “monsters! They will love wearing this scarf anytime of the year, and it will go over as a BIG hit on Halloween! What a great novelty scarf to wear to school this year! Wear as a regular neck scarf, or complete as we did and make a “keyhole” type scarf that you can pull the “boot” end through the mouth end to secure scarf in place. You can use the colors we used or chose your own “monster” colors for a very cute scarf! They will probably want more than one scarf, so keep your knitting needles handy. We find adults love to wear this scarf to work as a novelty, funny item too! You will have such fun knitting it! Worsted weight yarn, knitting needles US # 8 Approximately 34 1/2 inches long finished size.


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