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Free Knitting Pattern – Easy Knit Play Ball

Play Ball !!! FREE easy knitting pattern for baby play ball. Use with scrap yarns, exclusive pattern from Frugal Haus. Instant downloads. FREE shipping on pattern books to any USA address!

A good indoor soft toy for children, and is great for a hand exercise! Finished size : About 3 1⁄2 inches diameter 

Materials: Scraps of worsted weight yarn, about 25 yards total, plus small amount pillow stuffing or old pantyhose for stuffing. 

1 Pair US size #6 needles
Gauge: 11 sts = 2 inches 10 rows = 1 inch 

Directions: Beg. At side edge, cast on 22 sts.
Row # 1: Slip first st as if to knit, knit across. Repeat this row until about 4 inches from beg. Bind off. Piece should be about 4 ” x 4 “. Thread sewing needle with yarn end and weave in and out of one edge of row “bumps”. Pull tight to close bottom, fasten, then sew side seam. Make a tight ball of pillow stuffing or old pantyhose, and place in ball. Weave yarn in and out of opposite edge, pull tight, fasten then weave yarn ends to inside of ball. 

Note: Make these by the dozens for kids indoor play, for babies, for hand squeezing exercise, and for bazaars!! 

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