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Jean Greenhowe’s Playful Puppies

We have them! All remaining Greenhowe books still in print. These are new editions, not used and we ship fast! See all of Jean’s books with easy to knit patterns before they are no longer available. Such fun to knit for gifts for any age!

2 thoughts on “Jean Greenhowe’s Playful Puppies

  1. Hi again l am interested in a couple of Jean Greenhowes knitting toy books, so l am hoping that we can support one another Lesley.

    1. I’m sorry but our experiences with mailing to Europe and Africa have been disappointing of late. We have tried to send patterns to these areas and a large portion of them are never delivered. We end up refunding the money, are out of the products, and have not helped the customer at all. Things have gotten much worse since COVID.

      We are prohibited by copyright from emailing patterns that are not ours. We have even contacted Jean Greenhowe’s family and they have refused to allow us to send out their patterns electronically.

      We might suggest looking on EBay for copies of these books. There may be sellers there that can take the chance they can get their products delivered.


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