Knit Me, Dress Me, Love Me

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Cutest knitted animals ever, with their mini outfits, and ” mini me” toys!  Such great keepsakes to make now for the children, they will love these as great travel companions too.  You will fall in love with these, and be inspired to create all of them, with their cute clothes and accessories.  What a great Christmas gift, or birthday gift for a child! Lots and lots of clever clothes to knit along with tote bags, blankets. shoes, hair bands, and yes, good easy instructions to make your own hangers! You won’t find that in any other book for sure.  Book includes directions for sewing super easy cloth clothes and accessories too.  You will be the hit of the children’s crowd when you box up one of these adorable animals, clothes and accessories!   This great big thick book also includes lots of knitting tips, sewing stitches too.  Animals include, teddy bear, bunny, doggy,
kitten, mouse, panda bear and monkey.  You chose, then knit up (or sew) lots of cute outfits to complete the gift! Don’t you just know of several children , and maybe even a desk partner, that would love this complete set!  Mostly uses a worsted weight, double knitting type yarns,
and knitting needles, US # 5.  These are stylish, yet so cute, easy and unique!

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