Oversized Sweaters to Crochet

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6 Comfy styles “just for hanging out”. Uses worsted weight yarns, crochet hooks sizes J, K and L.

Oversized Sweaters: 6 Comfy Styles for Just Hanging Out (crochet, DIY, yarn, easy, sweater, casual.)

If you were to ask us if there’s anything comfier than an oversized sweater, we’d say no – absolutely not – and then we’d direct you to this crocheted Oversized Sweaters Book. And then you’d obviously have to buy it because it’s fabulous, but you wouldn’t be able to choose which to crochet first. With six glorious Melissa Leapman designs to pick from, the decision is difficult indeed:

• Striped Tunic
• Misty Hoodie
• Black & Strappy
• Slouchy Pullover
• Playful Poncho
• Unconstructed Jacket

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