Pick the Pieces – Published by Leisure Arts

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The best book we have seen in years! You can make 12 complete sweaters “as is” in patterns, or , create your own custom garments from mix and match components! What a great idea for a pattern book, why has no one thought of this before! You choose the front, back, shorter sleeves, longer sleeves, many various necklines, pockets or no pockets hood or no hood, trims or no trims, buttons or zippers or not. (applique options too!) There are endless combinations here! If you knit for children, this book is a “must have” in your library. You will not be disappointed, as the fun begins while you do the designing! There are 48 different sweater “pieces” to mix and match! We do not know how long we will have this book, so don’t delay on this great book! Patterns that will always be in style as you chose the designs. Thick paperback book!

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