Pin Cushion Storage Jar Cover – – Knit ePattern 



What to do with all those empty jelly jars! Knit up a topper that is so cute, all you sewing and knitting friends will want one! And the good thing is , you will use up scrap yarn, and find a good recycle use for the jar. Ours was used as a pin cushion, with jar as a storage area for pins and needles. You could also store spools of thread in the jar. The jars we used 2” to 2¼”in diameter at top. Directions say baby food jars, but we find many store bought jelly jars with the smaller tops work well too. Knit the cover and complete, and buy some great preserves. Put top on and give the gift of preserves and cover in one gift! Uses sport weight yarns, knitting needles, US # 4.


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