Plant Hangers

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Pretty little plant hangers to crochet in super easy, stylish patterns!  These will fit into any decor. Remember macrame plant hangers?  These are much easier and can be crocheted in a jiffy.  For a real flair, make a wall hanging planter, add silk flowers and hang in your bathroom to brighten it up!  These patterns are rated “easy” so you can probably make more than one in a day.  What a great gift idea for a friend to whip up a plant hanger, add a small potted plant and you are done!  Remember Mother’s Day.  What a great Mother’s Day gift (and Grandmothers too).   This is one of those things when you want to crochet and you are tired of sweaters and placemats.

Make up lots with your scrap yarn so you will be ready for the next birthday gift!  The patterns work up quickly with worsted weight cotton yarns, and crochet hooks sizes G, H and J.  You will get requests to make more than one!

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