Angel Baby Ornament – – Knit ePattern 



These are so cute! And we dedicate this wonderful pattern from a “blind” friend that helped us with the pattern, who recently passed away! If she can make this, you can make this. Knitted angel dress is so simple. Then there are easy, step by step directions on how to assemble the angel. You will need 4, 5/8 Inch wooden spools, 1, 7/8 inch wooden spool, 1, 25mm round head bead, 4, 12mm jingle bells, 1/8 inch wide satin ribbon, small amount of baby yarn, and knitting needles, US #5. Also a small amount of furry yarn, for bottom of dress. These measure about 4 “ tall. The poem we put with each one was written by our blind friend. The poem goes…. “I’m a little Angel Baby , hear me sing. I am not yet old enough to have wings”. People will be charmed by this!


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