Knitted Finger Puppets

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How fun! Make a whole box full of these for the children to play with. A great stocking stuffer idea, and makes great party favors too! Here’s an idea… do you know a nurse? Knit up the “nurse” puppet and let her put it on her finger for those little ones that visit the Dr with fear. The children will giggle with laughter when they see this! There is also a “Dr.” puppet too! Try the mermaid for all the little girls that are into mermaid movies now. Or how about the “fairy godmother”. You will hear giggles and see smiles with these. We love the “farmyard” set that includes, farmer and his daughter, scarecrow and animals. The “Bella ballerina” will please every little girl too! So many to choose from, that makes 30 puppets! A whopping big book full of patterns. Start these now to have a “secret” gift for a child when you babysit!

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