Parade of Kids Crib Hanging Toy – – Knit ePattern 



How cute is this! A “parade” of small children, holding hands together, from one end of crib to the other! Babies love to lay and look at the bright colors of dolls hanging up! Hang also on baby’s bedroom wall. We used a satin yarn to tie on to crib sides. Each doll in knit , one by one, but easy to knit. Then add small features, and you can start sewing the “hands” together of each doll to create a parade! Uses scraps of worsted weight yarns, knitting needles, US # 4. Doll are about 3 inches tall , individually. Why not make up a basket of these dolls and place in the family room. When a child comes to visit, let them play with the “dolls” then they get to take one home!


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