Young Girl Fur Scarf and Purse Set – Knit ePattern 



A very cute set, with “eyes”! Call it a cat, call it a mouse, whatever you wish! No mouth, just eyes and ears, so let your imagination go wild! Use different colors, for different effects. Use fur yarns, and knitting needles, US #9 and # 10. This is a “ very quick” gift idea! And they sell very well at bazaars and craft sales. Remember to buy the “google eyes” that are available at most hobby and craft stores, and some fabric stores. You can knit the entire set in an afternoon! Purse is “little girl” sized, 6” by 7 “inches, scarf, is 3 ½” wide and 45 “ inches long. With large needles, it works up fast. A small amount of yarn for ears and purse handle. Girls will giggle with delight when they see this set!


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