Recycle Container Covers


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Why did we not think of this before! A great way to use up scrap yarns and recycle old containers from the store! Save your half gallon, gallon, and plastic ice cream containers, 2-liter soda bottles and these even covers small baskets to reuse in a clever cute way! Use up scrap yarns to make the covers to match every room in your home. Don’t forget, these make great “gift containers”, for baby shower items, Christmas, birthdays and more. Kids will like some to store crayons and small toys and puzzle pieces, Mom would like one in the kitchen for utensils, Dad may want one on his desk to hold mail, pens and more! Make a batch of your favorite cookies or candy and fill the container to give as a great Holiday or birthday treat! Have the neighbors help you save containers, and you will have many of these made in no time!
Uses worsted weight yarns, knitting needles, US # 10


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