Santa’s Elves – For 18-Inch Dolls



Meet “Jingle” and “Belle”!  Even  Santa will approve of these great Elf costumes for sure! The outfits fit 18 inch dolls.  “Jingle” wears a stripe body suit, a neat waist coat, “cool” Elf hat, and Elf boots. “Jingle” even carries her own  Candy Cane! (Pattern included). 

“Belle’s” outfit consists of  a stripe body suit, a cuter than ever jumper dress with sweet tiny bells to add on,plus a candy cane stripe bottom border ( easy), a “cool” Elf hat  adorned with ribbon strands, and Elf boots. Also, the stripe body suit can be used as a one piece “sleep suit” just like in the old days! You can mix and match the outfit pieces to your liking!  These are such fun, and easy to knit.

What a great Holiday this will be with 2 dolls dressed up in these cute Elf costumes and displayed around your home! We used Lion Brand Modern Baby yarn, a size 3 yarn.  Knitting needles, US # 6.  Work is easy and once the kids see these, they will want all the pieces! Why not try these outfits in blue too! Please see photo’s for idea’s on costume combinations.



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