Santa’s “Tube- ies”


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Even good old Santa will love putting on these toasty warm lounge socks after a long day in the toy shop! With his cup of hot cocoa, and his ” tube-ies” he can sit by the fire and enjoy a relaxing Christmas! These are sized for women and men.  Easy to knit on either double pointed needles or a short circular needle (11 to 12 inch length), they will knit up faster than you can imagine!

Since they are made with worsted weight yarns (a size 4 yarn) the socks are thick and warm, meant to be lounge or, house slipper socks.  They may fit into roomy boots in some cases too, for extra warmth outdoors.

Uses US # 8 or # 9 needles.  Make several pairs of these to get you through Winter!


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