Southwest Desert Air Shawl


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Lightweight as the desert breezes, this shawl is perfect for warmer climates, and for summer wear just about anywhere.  One ball of Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball will make this shawl for yourself, or, make one for a friend.  The lovely patterned stripes in the yarn creates a “landscape” of  back to nature color!   Uses a 29, or 36 inch circular needle, US #9.  This knits up rather quickly too.  There is a delicate openwork border, that can be left as is, in openwork, or as we did, we wove in some leftover furry yarn in and out of eyelet holes.  Then, tied in a bow at bottom back of shawl.  You could also use ribbon for eyelet holes too.   

We found this shawl please every age group, as it is easy to knit, fun to wear over blouses and skirts to work, or for grandma to drape around her shoulders while watching TV.  It is lightweight, yet has good warmth.  Make a few in different colors for the air conditioned offices and buildings.


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