Terrific Toppers, 18-Inch Dolls



Warm and wearables to knit easily, from Frugal Knitting Haus! Toppers to wear over dresses, pants, skirts, turtlenecks, etc. Patterns include hooded fur coat, lace edge poncho, and a “groovy” vest . All easy to knit!( worsted weight yarns) Uses worsted weight and fur yarns, and knitting needles, US# 8, plus size G crochet hook for vest ties. You will also need 3 buttons for coat, and ½ inch wide ribbon for “inside” button band.

These knitting patterns are designed to fit many of the popular 18-inch vinyl dolls (those with vinyl head, arms and legs and a cloth stuffed body).  These include:  The American Girls Collection® by the Pleasant Company, Götz Dolls® (non-designer), Dress Me Doll© from The Martha Pullen Company, Tolly Girl®, Faithful Friends Collection®, Liberty Landing®, Girls on the Go®, Savannah of Storybook Heirlooms™, Laura Ashley®, Collector’s Lane®, Creative Doll Company®, Springfield Collection®, Sophia’s Heritage Collection®, Autumn Harvest™ and Our Generation™ and other 18-inch dolls with similar size and construction.



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