Jean Greenhowe’s Dolly Mixtures  – Toy & Doll Knitting Patterns

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Dolly Mixtures contains patterns for eight adorable knitted dolls, two cute doggies and a tiny teddy known as Snuggles. The dolls average 23cm (9in) in height, doggies are about 6cm (2½in) and Snuggles is only 5cm (2in) tall, ahhh …. With Jean’s inimitable ability to create wondrous things from next-to-nothing, each doll can be made from around 70 grams (2½ ounces) of yarn oddments and 85 grams (3 ounces) of stuffing. For a very small outlay on materials, the end results are truly sweet little treasures. For those of you looking for the cutest knitting patterns for toys or for home decore, these can’t be beat.


Paperback, 24 Pages

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