Jean Greenhowe’s Donut Delights  – Toy & Doll Knitting Patterns

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Not sure if you are up to tackling one of Jean’s larger dolls? Here is just the ticket for you to get started with these simple, quick projects. They will turn out great and wet your appetite to move on to her larger doll patterns. There are Six lovable Dolls which fit snugly into the Donuts. They can be made for a wide variety of celebrations and Jean has provided instructions and suggestions for various greetings captions to personalize the Donuts for particular gifts. We are always tickled pink by Jean’s ability to dream up amazing creations when she starts a new knitting project. However, it can be a little puzzling when she begins with one idea and then – eureka! – something else exciting happens. Which is exactly what took place with Donut Delights. Jean’s vision of a large knitted donut with a sweet little character nestling in the middle. Knitted Captions developed into an entire donut-themed extravaganza. All the designs are very versatile and can be knitted as keepsakes, for special occasions, for charity fundraising, or simply as charming ornaments.

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