Nighttime Casual, 18-Inch Dolls



Exclusively from Frugal Knitting Haus. Use varying colors of yarn, and use nightgown as dress, or make robe in darker colors and use as a coat. This helps to complete the doll’s wardrobe. Complete 4 piece outfit of nightgown, robe, fur slippers and pillow. (Uses sport weight and worsted weight yarns) This wonderful 4 piece outfit includes a night gown with easy pattern stitch, bathrobe , furry slippers and matching pillow! Every girl doll needs matching fur slippers, and will use up scraps of fur yarn you may have! Robe could also be used as a coat! A sleepers dream to wear at night! You will need baby or light weight sport yarn, and worsted weight yarns. Plus small amount of fur yarn for slippers, and pillow stuffing for pillow. Knitting needles US # 8 and # 9, plus 2 buttons for robe.

These knitting patterns are designed to fit many of the popular 18-inch vinyl dolls (those with vinyl head, arms and legs and a cloth stuffed body).  These include:  The American Girls Collection® by the Pleasant Company, Götz Dolls® (non-designer), Dress Me Doll© from The Martha Pullen Company, Tolly Girl®, Faithful Friends Collection®, Liberty Landing®, Girls on the Go®, Savannah of Storybook Heirlooms™, Laura Ashley®, Collector’s Lane®, Creative Doll Company®, Springfield Collection®, Sophia’s Heritage Collection®, Autumn Harvest™ and Our Generation™ and other 18-inch dolls with similar size and construction.



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