Snow Much Fun, 18-Inch Dolls



It’s “Snow Much Fun” !  Our newest pattern for 18 inch dolls!

Just in time for the cold and snowy weather.  These delightful  5 piece snow suit outfits are so cute, that you can mix and match the pieces and colors to suit your mood!

Set includes cozy snow pants, a toasty warm  snow jacket that is slightly flared at bottom, back buttoned to make it easy to dress the doll. (Easy 2 button back)   Also includes mittens, a long scarf to cuddle up in, and a toasty warm hat!  These are such fun to knit as well as they are so cute!

Make some in red and bright green for Christmas colors too!  The entire set is made with worsted weight yarn, a size 4 yarn, and knitting needles US # 6, and # 8.  It will work up easily for most knitters.  What a great addition to a wardrobe for the 18 inch doll collectors!  Start now and make a few sets for Holiday gifts for your daughter or granddaughters doll too!  These are both charming and suitable for just about  any 18 inch doll!



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