Super Easy Baby Blankets

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Just what you all asked for – SUPER EASY, and quick to make!  You can whip these up in no time for last minute gifts!  Why has no one thought of this before, a great pattern selection, even if you want to use up your yarn to whittle away the time!  Pack these away for any new baby that will come into the family.  Make a stack of multi-color ones for a baby shower gift, so the new mom has several for each day of the week and one to always take in the car!  It is so much fun to do “quick and easy” patterns like this, that we know you will love this book!  A must keep book on your shelf for last minute baby blankets, and how about a lap robe for older people too! Uses medium weight yarns (a size 4 yarn) and crochet hooks H and I.

Fast to crochet!  We love the names given to the patterns… baby names, in case you need help trying to figure out a new baby name, pick the afghan to the new baby name.  Such as the Elijah blanket, the Crissy blanket, the Destiny blanket, John Paul blanket, and more.  They will give you ideas for new baby names as well as idea’s for which on one you want to make first!

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